We’re proud of our proprietary line of spirits, distilled in partnership with Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA and based on production that we’ve termed From Farm to Still®. The result is our sister restaurant brand of Founding Farmers Rye Whisky, Founding Farmers Gin, and Farm Blend Pisco. And as no proprietary line would be complete without wine, we created our From Farm to Cork® category offering New York Vines White and Virginia Vines Rosé. All our Proprietary Beverages can be found behind the bar at our restaurants.

FFRye_LeahFranklFounding Farmers Rye Whisky                  

The first of our proprietary From Farm to Still® line of spirits, Founding Farmers Rye Whisky has been behind our bar since its creation in 2009 and has since become a guest favorite. Founding Farmers Rye Whisky, created in partnership with Farmers Restaurant Group’s Beverage Director, Jon Arroyo, and Master Distiller, Rick Wasmund, is made with smoked apple, cherrywood, and malted barley grown by a farmer just down the road from the distillery – truly From Farm To Still®. 

small The Farm Gin_JenCubas

Founding Farmers Gin

Our Founding Farmers Gin is a unique single malt gin with a recipe that has been perfected for over two years. Released in 2013, Founding Farmers Gin is the product of our partnership with Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA.

In keeping with the From Farm To Still® philosophy, all the barley for this spirit is sourced from a neighboring farm while water for the distilling process comes from a nearby stream. Botanicals in Founding Farmers Gin, many of which are grown on the Copper Fox Distillery property, include juniper berries, cardamom, anise, orange peel, ginger, angelica, and lemon grass.

Farm Blend Pisco IMG_2102

Our From Farm to Still® Farm Blend Pisco is a smooth, flavorful spirit created with a freshly distilled blend of Peruvian grapes.

An ode to the glorious varieties of wines, ports, and brandies favored by our Founding Fathers, our Farm Blend Pisco is produced in Peru, where distilled grape wine from the Pisco Valley was originally developed hundreds of years ago. Beverage Director Jon Arroyo traveled to Peru, and continues a close partnership with our local Peruvian farmer, in order to select the best ingredients to craft our proprietary blend of this unique, quality spirit.

Our Farm Blend Pisco embodies the elements our team cherishes most about what makes handcrafted spirits extraordinary – the wonderful melding of high-quality flavors, using only the finest of ingredients.

New York Vines White

nyvines_02_kfNew York Vines White is our proprietary house blend white wine developed through our partnership with Brooklyn Oenology, a small producer winery that works to bridge the creative culinary, agricultural, and art worlds by crafting award-winning regional wines.

Brooklyn Oenology’s concept was founded upon a similar approach to sustainability and high-quality production standards that we strive for, so our collaboration flourished though the blending and production process. This light, crisp, and refreshing wine is a delicate blend of 70% Chardonnay, 15% Riesling, and 15% Vidal Blanc grapes harvested in the Catskills and Upper Hudson Valley region of NY State. A great accompaniment to just about any meal, our white wine was created to be enjoyed year round.

Virginia Vines RoséBarnRose_02_KF

Virginia Vines Rosé is our proprietary house blend rosé handcrafted in Madison, VA with the talented team of vintners at Early Mountain Vineyards. We connected immediately with the winemakers at Early Mountain Vineyards as they are as committed to sustainable agriculture as we are. Evident throughout the beautiful, bountiful ecosystem they’ve created to preserve the natural correlation between soil, climate, and grape. Distinctly Virginian, our Virginia Vines Rosé is a refreshing, light, and balanced rosé developed to pair perfectly with our food offerings or enjoyed on its own.

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Through The Eyes of The Farmer

Farmers Restaurant group is a collection of restaurants, majority owned by American Family Farmers established on a platform of farm-inspired American food and drink in modern, upscale casual, and eco-friendly settings. FRG created the internationally recognized, award-winning Founding Farmers restaurant in the heart of Washington, D.C., which opened in 2008, and has been host to more than 1.2 million guests since then, as one of the most popular 'must-do' experiences in the nation's capital. FRG works with an ongoing commitment to supporting American family farmers with exceptional culinary and mixology programs, with an eye to providing great service, sourcing regionally and seasonally whenever possible, and to creating unique, inspired, creative, fun and inviting spaces. (read more)

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Environmentally Friendly

Farmers Restaurant Group is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices at every turn. We are proud to say that Farmers Fishers Bakers is LEED Silver Certified as established through the U.S. Green Building Council and is also a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®. See the 68 steps that we took to become a Certified Green Restaurant here. 

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