Founding Farmers Supports Local Apiaries

FFBeesFarmers Restaurant Group is always excited to hear about projects that benefit the environment and food sustainability, especially on topics near and dear to our heart, like the creating of apiaries to prevent the honey bee population from collapsing and to help prevent negative impacts on the environment that it creates. As you may remember, a couple years ago Founding Farmers partnered with George Washington University to create the largest restaurant-owned urban apiary in Washington, D.C. and to promote the study of honey bees. Now The Sweet Virginia Foundation and George Mason University are teaming up to address the collapsing honey bee population by building apiaries on the main Virginia campus and is also offering courses in beekeeping and sustainability to anyone that’s interested in learning more. They are growing this project through an Indiegogo fundraiser, which you can donate to here. With your support they can build more apiaries to grow the honey bee population, expand a bee sustainability curriculum to public schools and develop more professional beekeepers.

We are looking forward to hearing about the progress of this project and projects like it, as Founding Farmers’ own bees are hibernating for the winter.

November 4th, 2013
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