Our patio is now open with our enhanced safety protocols and following the guidance of our government officials. Reserve your table or come on by. Our full menus are available for weekday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

We are following the guidelines from our local officials for size of parties. Currently, the maximum party size is 6 guests in DC. Our online reservation system has been updated with those limits by location.

We are serving our full menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. All of our menus are online. For operating hours, go HERE.

In order to survive in our current COVID World, we have had to evolve our business model, which includes this temporary pandemic surcharge for dine-in only. We are working to create a long-lasting stable work environment for all of our employees with fair-paying jobs and safe environments for our diners and our teams, all the while continuing to make wholesome, scratch-made food with ingredients from farmers we know and trust. This dine-in only charge helps offset the new additional costs the restaurant has to burden during an already financially challenged time with restricted occupancy and revenue, including: added supply chain costs, health screenings for our team, PPE & corona virus killing disinfectant, food-safe fogging agent, and our ongoing and new community partnerships so we can continue to help those in need in our area, as well as people on the front lines fighting COVID-19. We're confident once we are through the pandemic, we can simply eliminate this charge.

Yes. Our First Bake cafe is open. Our First Bake menus are online. Following current government regulations, you may come into our First Bake counter wearing a mask for our grab & go food. We will be providing clear signage and directions to maintain a safe social distance from other guests. You will not be able to sit down to eat inside.

The parking garages at our restaurants are open. You may notice a queue of cars for our contact-free curbside pick up for our To Go restaurant menus and our Market & Grocery. Do not join this queue of cars if you are trying to park.

In addition to wearing the required PPEs, which are face masks covering nose and mouth, our team will maintain what we are calling Hospitality Spacing, which means we will be doing our best to keep our distance, even with our PPE on, while providing your service. We have also increased all of our health, safety, and sanitation protocols from more frequent handwashing to how and when we clean and sanitize our tables to employee wellness checks. For full details of our adapted protocols, go HERE.

We are following the current, local government requirements for guests regarding PPEs and masks.

Face Coverings Required.

Per the local government’s direction, all patrons must wear face coverings while not eating or drinking (e.g. while ordering food and prior to being served, and after completion of meal.)


We are following current government regulations for each location regarding capacity, size of party, indoor and/or outdoor service. Our floor plans have been modified – and in some cases expanded with new patios – based on current policies by location allowing for 6 feet social distance between tables that we are seating. Some tables are being moved or will not be used. We have created patios where we didn’t have them before. You may notice signage on tables that we aren’t seating. Our online reservation systems will be using our current modified floor plans and capacity requirements when you make your reservation.

When you arrive for your reservation, current government regulations across our locations require that you wear a mask over your nose and mouth. We will take you directly to your reserved table. If there are others near the entrance of the restaurant or in the lobby when you arrive, please allow 6 feet of space, or wait outside to allow ample room for social distancing. Once you are seated at your table, you may remove your mask. We ask that you put it back on when you go to the restroom and when you are moving through the shared areas of our restaurant and patios – for your safety, as well as the safety of our team members and other guests.

All guest tables will be cleaned, sanitized, allowed to air dry, and preset prior to your arrival. This includes table, table edges, chair backs, armrests, and seats. We are continuing to use peroxide-based, EPA-certified disinfectant against corona viruses. You will be have rolled silverware that has been sterilized and handled only with clean gloves and menus that have been sterilized and are only used once per day. Our host will provide you with detailed information on our dining protocols and what you can expect.

We have developed multi-layered protocols and plans to provide our guests with exceptional hospitality and keep all of us as safe as possible. Following the guidance of our local and national health officials, as well as innovators across the world, our team has been adapting our operations as we have continued to serve contact-free curbside pick up and delivery. We have also been researching and planning the safest ways to reopen our doors to diners. For example, everyone in our restaurant will be wearing PPE and is screened for symptoms and temperature checked prior to their shift. Our service had been adapted to allow for more social distance and fewer interactions with our team. We have hourly cleaning protocols for all high-touch surfaces and equipment. Our floor plans have changed to allow 6 feet between tables. For complete details on everything we are doing, we have a COVID-19 Reopening Resource Guide we developed for our team to help us guide our new operations (as well as provide some basic information about COVID-19), and what our guests can expect when they return to our restaurants.

Yes.  We have expanded our our outdoor dining area and have heaters available (as needed). We have patios at some of our other locations as well.  All of our outdoor tables – whether in a tent or outside – are following the same requirements for 6 feet of space between tables. Our online reservation system has been updated to include these tables. Find the latest information about our patios and outdoor dining options  here. 

Some of our outdoor dining area is covered, and we do have heaters for use as needed. But if the forecast is very windy or cold, you may want to consider adjusting your reservation.  To serve you safely, we are continuing to follow government regulations for indoor and outdoor dining, reduced capacity, and social distancing.

There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout our restaurant for your use. We will also offer to sell you a small Founding Spirits hand sanitizer spray bottle you can use while you are dining and take home with you.

While our service has adapted in response to COVID-19 to protect your health and safety, as well as our other guests and our team members, our hospitality remains the same. We are committed to providing you with a great experience and extending our hospitality within our new systems. For more details on how our protocols and operations have changed in response to COVID-19, please review our COVID-19 Reopening Resource Guide.

We are continuing to adapt our operations in response to changing COVID-19 regulations. We are currently providing an adapted version of our Farmers Market Buffet Brunch. Indoor and patio guests will be directed to our indoor buffet table — following social distancing measures — and our buffet servers will build your plates at your direction. If you are uncomfortable going to our indoor buffet table, you can remain seated and use our menu to direct servers to create plate(s) with your chosen selections.

We also have a mix of menus and service for weekend breakfast/brunch across our other restaurants. Please check each restaurant location page (listed below) for the most up-to-date information on when and where we are providing our a la carte menus or our adapted buffet brunch service, as well as where we are currently able to serve you — on our winterized patios, heated tents, or in our dining rooms.

Farmers Fishers Bakers — Our adapted, Served Farmers Market Brunch Menu for indoor and outdoor diners. (Guests will be guided to our indoor buffet, and our buffet servers will build your plates at your direction.) If you are uncomfortable going to our indoor buffet table, you can remain seated and use our menu to direct servers to create plate(s) with your chosen selections.

Founding Farmers DC – A la Carte Breakfast/Brunch Menu with full service.

Founding Farmers Tysons – Our adapted, Served Farmers Market BUFFET Brunch Menu for indoor and outdoor guests. You will be guided to our indoor buffet, and our buffet servers will build your plates at your direction.

Founding Farmers Reston Station – Saturday: A la Carte Breakfast/Brunch Menu with full service; Sunday: Our adapted, Served Farmers Market BUFFET Brunch Menu. Indoor and patio guests will be guided to our indoor buffet, and our buffet servers will build your plates at your direction.

Founding Farmers King of Prussia – Our adapted Served Farmers Market BUFFET Brunch Menu is available for our indoor diners seated upstairs. Guests will be guided to our indoor buffet, and our buffet servers will build your plates at your direction. If you would prefer our a la carte breakfast/brunch menu, please call us at 484-808-4008 and ask to be seated in our street-level dining room.

Farmers & Distillers — Our adapted, Served Farmers Market Buffet Brunch for indoor and outdoor diners. (Guests will be guided to our indoor buffet, and our buffet servers will build your plates at your direction.)

When you are done dining with us, one of our servers will bring your printed check to you. We will not be using check presenters. We will take your payment – cash or card. If a card payment, we will return with a receipt and a sterilized pen for your signature, and we will sterilize your card prior to returning it to you.

Yes. Our restrooms are available for our dining guests only. They are being cleaned and sanitized every hour, and we are providing paper towels as an alternative to air dryers. Our restrooms are not open to the general public or third-party delivery drivers. Our restrooms are sanitized every 60 minutes, as can be seen in our COVID-19 Reopening Resource Guide. Of course, please continue to always wash your hands when using the restroom.

We are no longer providing our Market & Grocery at Farmers Fishers Bakers. However, some of our locations are still making groceries and provisions available for contact-free curbside pick up and delivery. Check out our ordering page to see where our Founding Farmers Market & Grocery is available. All of our operations are following and will continue to follow our adapted health, safety, and sanitization protocols.

Yes. We have returned to offering our full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for contact-free curbside pick up and delivery through third party delivery channels. If you arrive to pick up your To Go order, please pull up to our curbside out front and remain in your vehicle. There will be signage directing you to text us to let us know you have arrived and let us know your name, car make, and color. We will bring your order directly to your car trunk or back seat.

The best way you can help us keep everyone safe is by following our protocols, and simply be kind and considerate. We appreciate your willingness to join us again in our restaurants and hope we can provide you with exceptional hospitality and even a feeling of something familiar in an unfamiliar new day-to-day.

Our adapted operations are based on current laws and regulations that have been implemented in response to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as recommendations from the WHO, CDC, and local health officials. We had a strong foundation of extensive health, safety, and sanitation protocols, which we quickly evolved to meet current need. Unless explicitly indicated otherwise, federal, state, and local laws that have always applied to our business remain in full force and effect – including, by way of example, our local city’s Health Code, Human Rights Law, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – and we are therefore still required to fully comply with any such requirements.

Yes! We are extremely grateful for all of our First Responders, and we are currently offering 50% off our food and non-alcoholic beverages when you arrive in your uniform or show us your ID.  We are also happy to extend the discount when you are dining with your immediate family. To receive the discount for to go orders, please order over the phone and show your ID or wear your uniform upon pickup.

The combination of the pandemic, technology, and society has forever changed our restaurant to go and delivery program. Our desire is to use high-quality, recyclable packaging for our guests, our business, and our planet. We’ve added this 4% packaging fee as we continue our sustainability mission to do more good and less harm for the planet across all of our operations.