Winter Patios & Heated Dining Tent at Farmers Fishers Bakers

Georgetown’s waterfront has a fun new outdoor dining experience! And we are prepared to keep serving you outside all winter long.

As the cooler temperatures roll in, we have not only rolled out our heaters, we have installed a large heated tent. With our expanded and now covered winter patio, we can serve you safely, allowing for adequate social distancing, every day… even when the rain is falling AND if the magic of snow ever arrives. 

Please come on down to Georgetown to check out our new outdoor digs. If possible, we recommend making a reservation. 

If you can’t get to the Farmers Fishers Bakers on the Potomac, our sibling restaurants are winterizing their patios too with heaters, gas fire pits, tents, and even an igloo. Check out our full list of our winter outdoor dining offerings. We’ve got winterized patios and tents in MD, VA, DC, and PA.