Friendly Competition Turns to Collaboration to Make the Perfect Margarita

It all started one early spring afternoon at Georgetown’s bustling waterfront on the shores of the beautiful Potomac River. A small, seasoned group of our restaurant team started bantering after a busy daytime shift. Who could make the best margarita? Each of them – one of our Owners, Mike V; Managing Partner, Kendra Ann Graves; and Bar Manager, Sarah Sutherland – was certain their way was the winning recipe for the most perfect margarita ever. 

They rolled up their sleeves and started mixing and tinkering and tasting. As they compared notes and tastes, it turned out that each had very similar takes on crafting the perfect margarita. 

So, instead of duking it out to see who could make the best margarita, they joined forces to create the one margarita that no one could resist. 

That day, The Margarita 2019 was perfected. It doesn’t taste like the overly sweet, mass-produced mix most bars use. It isn’t too sour and lime-heavy like some of the trendier versions. The Margarita 2019 is handcrafted with the best, fresh-squeezed citrus, using only the finest 100% agave tequila. 

The Margarita 2019 leaves no doubt for any of us that it is the best margarita in town. We also think it extends far beyond the DMV. And many of our early tasters, guests, and friends agree.

Why don’t you be the judge? 

The Margarita 2019 is available at Farmers Fishers Bakers. Today. For Cinco de Mayo. And beyond. Summertime is coming and our Tiki Bar is calling.

If you’re looking for the best place in DC to sit outside by the water, enjoying a great margarita, come on down to Farmers Fishers Bakers at Georgetown’s Washington Harbour. Sit on our patio. Walk up to our Tiki Bar. Come inside for a table or a seat at the bar. With or without food, wherever you want to perch yourself, we’ll have the perfect, light & refreshing margarita (or two) waiting for you.