Help Us Celebrate DC Cocktail Week

Farmers Fishers Bakers is ready to usher in DC Cocktail Week. Come help us celebrate this weeklong, DC metro area event that pays homage to the innovative, much-loved talent behind DC’s thriving restaurant and bar scene.

With over 60 participating bar and beverage teams from restaurants and bars across DC, our Farmers Fishers Bakers family is thrilled to be in the company of so many of our area industry colleagues.

Come by Monday, November 12th through Sunday, November 18th to check out what makes DC Cocktail Week so special. Sure, as the name suggests, the cocktails take center stage at this annual event, but it’s the food pairings designed to highlight the cocktails, and the creative talents of bar teams citywide, that makes it stand out.

This year, our Farmers Fishers Bakers team has a delightful pairing in store for you. Our handcrafted Negroni Spritzer, featuring Founding Spirits American Amaro that is distilled at our sibling restaurant Farmers & Distillers in-house distillery, paired with our delicious, perennial guest favorite, Margarita Pizza. We’re serving all this scratch-made goodness for only $15.

Help us celebrate DC Cocktail Week. Our bartenders and mixologists will welcome you to our bar for this very special event, and our chefs, kitchen staff, and servers will be happy to serve you and your guests a great dinner afterwards. We always recommend making a reservation.