Our All New Veggie Burger 

Farmers Fishers Bakers has a new plant-based burger for our waterfront dining guests. We think it is better than most veggie burgers, and if we are being honest, we think is it the Best Veggie Burger ever. 

Made from whole grains, whole foods, and the perfect combination of veggies from farmers we know and trust, our Best Veggie Burger is topped with chopped cabbage and lettuce, our Bread & Butter pickles, tomatoes, chopped onions, muenster cheese, special house sauce, and served on our freshly baked brioche bun with french fries. We love our super-secret recipe so much, we have also created a Veggie Loaf platter too, served with mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, and topped with mushroom gravy. Our breakfast menu now also has a Veggie Patty.

All of these vegetarian offerings are now available at Farmers Fishers Bakers, as well as across all our Founding Farmers restaurants. Over the years, we have offered our guests a few different plant-based burgers, including the IMPOSSIBLE™ Burger. In fact, we were the first restaurant in the DC and King of Prussia areas to serve the IMPOSSIBLE™ Burger. In this time, we’ve asked our guests what they like about IMPOSSIBLE and carefully considered what we know about the product. We have decided it is time to drop this one exception to our “we make it ourselves from scratch” ethos. 

“The Impossible Burger was an unusual offering for us, since it is not scratch-made in our restaurants, and it comes from a lab rather than a farm or ranch,” says Co-Owner, Dan Simons. “We were intrigued by the potential of Impossible Burger, and their stated motivations about health and environment. In our company, we are always weighing how our choices impact the environment, as well as our farmer-owners and our guests. Bottom line? Factory food is factory food, no matter how you dress it up. We feel that our farmers are great stewards of the land for the long haul. Our chefs were excited to create a new plant-based offering for our vegetarian guests ­and for meat-eaters who love a great veggie burger. The fact is, this challenge is Not-Impossible, and I think when you taste our plant-based burger, you’ll agree.”

Join us on Georgetown’s waterfront and let us know what you think of Our Best Veggie Burger.