What kind of food do you serve?

Farmers Fishers Bakers is owned by more than 47,000 American family farmers of North Dakota Farmers Union and is primarily supplied daily by hundreds of family farms everywhere. We offer our versions of all-American and farmhouse classics with modern interpretations and preparations. Developed by Chef Joe Goetze, our menus are built around different food categories for ‘unstructured’ eating experiences. They are designed for comfortable, eat-what-you-want-at-your-own-pace dining, where friends are welcome, and group sharing is encouraged.

Can you accommodate specific food allergies (nuts, dairy, gluten, seafood, etc.)?

Yes, our servers and chefs are specially trained to address food allergies and some menu variations. However, if you have a life-threatening food allergy, our kitchen may not a great fit for you.  We cannot guarantee that our kitchens can protect guests with severe allergies from any cross-contamination of ingredients.

Our servers will gladly assist you with making your selections, but we kindly request that you provide your server with any and all allergy or dietary concerns before you order to avoid any issues.

Do you offer vegan and vegetarian options?

Yes, we offer our Meatless menu for our vegan and vegetarian guests, but we don’t consider ourselves a vegetarian or vegan specific restaurant. Please be sure to mention your dietary concerns to your server.

Do you have a kids menu?

One of the best things about our menu is that we try to offer a little something for every taste bud out there. We have many “kid-approved” items on our regular menus but there is no specific kid’s menu.

What time do you start serving lunch and dinner?

Our hours of operation are HERE. Our lunch and dinner menu are the same. On the weekends, and some holiday Mondays, we have a Farmers Market Brunch menu until 2pm, and then return to our lunch and dinner menu. During the week, we offer our First Bake breakfast menu from 7am–10:30am. Find all of our menus here.

Do you serve breakfast?

Yes, we serve our First Bake breakfast menu weekdays 7am-10:30am.

Do you serve weekend brunch?

Yes. We have a very popular Farmers Market Buffet Brunch every Saturday and Sunday, and most holiday Mondays from 9am-2 pm. For the latest information and menus, please check the website, or call 202-298-8783.

Is the brunch a buffet or a la carte?

Our Farmers Market Brunch is an unlimited buffet brunch with some traveling trays of specials created by the chef and carried by our servers. Cost is $29.99 per person.

Do you offer “to go” orders?

Yes, Farmers Fishers Bakers offers online ordering to go or by calling 202-298-8783. You can also order food and some beverages to go in person at the bar. Our sister restaurants, MoCo’s Founding Farmers, Founding Farmers Tysons, and Farmers & Distillers, also offer online ordering. Please note that some menu items are offered for dine-in only to ensure the best quality possible.