A Farmer-Owned Restaurant

Farmers Fishers Bakers is brought to you by the Farmers Restaurant Group, a collection of restaurants majority owned by the more than 47,000 American family farmers of the North Dakota Farmers Union led by Mark Watne, and two lifelong restaurateurs, Dan Simons and Mike Vucurevich. From the menu to the interior design, and everything in between, our restaurant operates, and is guided by, a very simple principal: we see and share everything Through The Eyes Of The Farmer.

Here the source of your food matters. The culinary crew is crafting inspired dishes and drinks from scratch, and our team is always working to make sure you have a good time. We do all of this while continuing to focus on operating in a green and sustainable restaurant to protect the health of the land and waterways we all call home.

Bearing some resemblance to its siblings, Founding Farmers and Farmers & Distillers, Farmers Fishers Bakers is its very own brand of awesome. Located in Georgetown’s lively Washington Harbour area on the banks of the Potomac River, we are a full-service, upscale casual restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus our famous Farmers Market Buffet Brunch on the weekends and most holiday Mondays.

Our menus offer delicious, regionally inspired American food and drink made from scratch daily by our talented chefs and beverage team. We have a little bit of everything starting with tableside guacamole and mussel pots to fried chicken and jambalayas to hand-rolled sushi and pizza or burgers and, a wide variety of meat, fish, and meatless offerings. We mix, shape, and bake all of our bread (approximately 170,000 loaves across all of our restaurants per year) and our desserts include beignets made to order, house-churned ice cream, as well as cakes and pies. There is truly something that everyone will love.

Our very own Chef Joe built our menus, in partnership with our owners, around different food categories for ‘unstructured’ eating experiences. They are designed for comfortable, eat-what-you-want-at-your-own-pace dining, where group sharing is encouraged.

Even some of our drinks are meant to be shared. Our Fisher’s Tiki cocktails have become one of our favorite bar selections and join a host of specialty, handcrafted beverages using house-made mixers and our very own proprietary spirits. We also have 24 beer taps and serve scratch sodas inspired by the pharmacy soda fountains of the 1950s.

You can gather with friends, family, colleagues, or on your own in what we’ve designed to feel a bit like a modern, urban, riverfront farmhouse. Celebrate over drinks on our year-round outdoor patio, sit back and unwind over a nice meal in our lively dining room, come for dessert after a show, or grab a quick breakfast bite and a delicious cup of our freshly brewed Compass Coffee from our First Bake menu.

Everything we do is a tribute to the source of our food, to the farmers who grow it, to the workers who harvest it, to the fishers who catch it, and to the artisans and craftspeople who help all of us to eat well, and live well and sustainably.

Welcome to Farmers Fishers Bakers.

A Sustainable, Green Restaurant

In keeping with our farmer lens, Farmers Fishers Bakers was built and runs daily operations as a sustainable, environmentally friendly restaurant. Every day we are working to do more good and less harm.

Farmers Fishers Bakers is LEED Silver Certified through the U.S. Green Building Council and operate as a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® based on the Green Restaurant Association. The GRA uses transparent, science-based standards across seven categories to certify our restaurant: energy, food, water, waste, disposables, chemicals and pollution reduction, and building. We earn GreenPoints™ for all of our sustainably minded practices, including our Top 10 Environmental Steps.

We cook most of our food in-house, from scratch using energy efficient equipment, with 20 percent vegan or vegetarian offerings. We recycle, compost, and minimize our landfill trash. We use recycled material in our bath tissue, napkins, paper towels, cups, and more. We serve water that has been filtered in-house, to make the most of water from local resources without the high impact of bottles, transportation, carbon emissions, and an expensive water price tag to our guests. Much of our interior fixtures and furnishings are made of reclaimed or recycled content or have been manufactured with sustainability in mind. Parts of our walls, ceiling, flooring, and fabrics were sourced specifically for their green qualities.

At Farmers Fishers Bakers we are committed to operating sustainably. A large portion of this is recognizing the importance of our food sources and working hard to use family farmers and suppliers seasonally, whenever possible. We do this to help American family farmers get a larger portion of the food dollar, and as continual steps toward a more sustainable and responsible operation.

We’re committed to supporting farmers and their hard work, while helping to preserve and protect our land and waterways for future generations. We have learned we can do this, and at the same time provide our guests with delicious food and drink made from scratch, and at reasonable prices, in a beautiful and lively environment.

Join us.