Blissful Bites: Try Our Summertime Peach and Blueberry Specials! 

Celebrate the arrival of summer at Farmers Fishers Bakers as we bring you a delightful array of peach and blueberry specials. Our peaches are sourced from Texas to Pennsylvania farms, and our wild blueberries come from our partnership with Merrill Blueberry Farms in Maine. From breakfast to dessert, we have carefully crafted menu items to showcase delicious summer flavors of blueberries and peaches. All specials will be available at Farmers Fishers Bakers or at any Founding Farmers location on the first day of summer, June 21. 

What better way to kick-start your summer day than with a peach or blueberry donut? Indulge in a Peaches & Jefferson Cream Donut or a Blueberry Jefferson Filled Donut, a scrumptious treat that expertly balances the fruit’s flavors with a luscious pastry cream filling.  

Looking for more breakfast options? Try our Peach Chia Bowl or our Peach Breakfast Parfait. The chia bowl features house-made chia seed pudding topped with fresh juicy peach slices and all the fix-ins. The Peach Breakfast Parfait offers multiple layers of Greek yogurt, farmstand peach jam, freshly sliced peaches, and our crunchy house-made granola, delivering perfection in every spoonful. Our scratch-made blueberry muffins are also a guest-favorite and are topped with crunchy cinnamon sugar streusel.  

Prepare your taste buds for our new Peach & Burrata Farm Bread. We start with slices of our scratch-made sourdough bread, grilled to perfection, and top them with oven-roasted garlic, perfectly ripe farmstand peaches, creamy burrata cheese, julienned red onion, and hand-torn basil. This creation satisfies your savory cravings with a delightful summery twist. 

For dessert, we have a wide variety of peach and blueberry options that are vibrant and delicious. Our house-made Blueberry Cheesecake features our classic vanilla bean cheesecake with a wild blueberry compote topping. For a refreshing cooldown, treat yourself to our house-churned Peach Cobbler Ice Cream or Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream, served in a handmade waffle cone. And if you’re seeking the ultimate summer indulgence, our Summer Peach Sundae or Blueberry Crumble Sundae are the answers! 

Don’t miss the chance to savor our summer pies. Our Farmstand Peach Pie and Blueberry Pie feature these summertime fruits baked to perfection in our flaky, buttery pie crust. Both are served with a scoop of our house-churned vanilla ice cream; our pies capture the essence of summer bliss in every bite. 

At Farmers Fishers Bakers, we are committed to bringing the flavors of summer to our guests. With a diverse range of delicious offerings spanning breakfast treats, lunch and dinner options, and delectable desserts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Join us at the Georgetown waterfront and immerse yourself in the true taste of summer.